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The U.S. Elections, Ethnic Studies, and the University : A View from the Historically Disenfranchised

Nelson Maldonado-Torres Rutgers University, New Brunswick University of South Africa Frantz Fanon Foundation
Responses to the results of the U.S. presidential election in the U.S. academy have included the idea that the field of political science finally proved to be defunct, and that the times call for more respect and support to areas such as philosophy and the humanities. What these responses miss is that, if anything, the elections made visible the problematic character of (...)

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  • “Our time has come” : against Gilles Clavreul’s cop antiracism

    Norman AJARI and Mireille FANON-MENDES France, 5 October 2016
    Traduction anglaise du texte "Contre l’antiracisme policier de Gilles Clavreul :« L’heure de nous-mêmes a sonné ! » de Norman Ajari et Mireille Fanon-Mendès France, paru le mercredi 5 octobre 2016 sur le site de la Fondation Frantz Fanon (...)


    Gus Massiah, membre de la Fondation Frantz Fanon, analyse la situation à laquelle doivent faire face ceux "qui pensent que l’égalité vaut mieux que les inégalités, que les libertés individuelles et collectives doivent être élargies au maximum, que les discriminations conduisent au désastre, que la (...)

  • The Global Movement for Reparatory Justice

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    Don Rojas
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    Professor Sir (...)